Business Card Cutter and Slitter Machines

Business Card Cutter, Slitter Machines. Scoring, perforating machine

Business Card Slitter allows you to quickly and accurately cut the paper sheet to the desired size of cards.

ERSO produces slitters with gutter between cards (Full Bleed), regular paper cutting machine and slitters with adjustable blades for business cards , greeting cards, sport cards, etc. All of them are automatic, electrical machines for any stock size and any card size (business cards, greeting card, postal cards, tickets, labels,sport cards( 2.5 x3.5), etc.).

We produce slitters for inch and metric system.

Our Card Slitters Cut Fast, Accurately and You Save Time, Money and Space in your Office (All our slitters are Tabletop).

We constantly update our product to provide the highest quality with the lowest price.

We speak many languages.


Our Products

  • Cutting blades (Semi-self sharpening) allow the slitter machine to work without sharpening and replacement for many years, thus we provide LIFE  WARRANTY for BLADES   with 24/7 full technical support for all our paper slitter/cutter machines.
  • Our Business Card Cutters are Heavy Duty that is allow to cut any stock that you print, including UV coated paper stock.
  • All cutter machines are easy operated.
  • When you using our High Speed Electric  Cutter Machine, your efficiency increases many times compared to the guillotine.
  • Tolerance for finished business card size is ±0.005″. No curve cards. Clean cut.
    Due to Full Bleed with adjustable blades slitter’s construction, this model has greater accuracy for setting up different card sizes than computer programmed slitters.
  • Only once set up guides and then only put stock and run. No need any more set up.

Regular slitter

1204MC, 1004MC, 2505MC, etc.

Full Bleed Business Card Slitter

With gutter between cards :1005FB, 2006FB, 3006FB, 1020FB, etc.

Card Slitter with Adjustable Blades

For cutting  business cards, greeting card, postal cards and any cards – 1204AB ,1204AB-X, 2007FB-AB./When setting up for different card sizes, this model allows for greater precision than computer programmed slitters/

Custom Made Slitters and Cutters

According to your specification.

Cutting machines in Standard  and Metric  system with  power 110/240 VAC and able to cut paper with a thickness  up to 18 pt (380 gsm ) , including UV coated  and laminated  paper stock.

The principle of the business card cutter is very similar to the principle of the printer. At the entrance you lay  sheets with preprinted business cards or greeting cards. The high-speed sheet feeder takes the lower sheet and feeds the sheet inside the machine. Blades  made of high-carbon steel rotate at High speeds and cut up to 700 sheet per hour. Our machines are  equipped semi-self sharpening blades  , which provides cutting accuracy up to 0.005″. After cutting, business cards get into the output tray, where you can pick them up

The card slitting machine uses rotating blades to ensure a high cutting speed for a
short time of preparation of the machine for work and a high cutting accuracy along with
high cut quality.

Power 100/220VAC

Tolerance -+/-0.005″
Speed up to 700 cards per min
Infeed Stock size – up to 70 sheets in one time.

Life Time – no less than 10 years.

Warranty: 1 Year for parts and labour.

Extended Warranty for Blades – Life Time Warranty

We guaranty 5 +Years post warranty service + we will supply you any parts of slitter you need.

Our Company has a flexible price policy, which allows individual approach to each client, to each order. We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express credit card payments, PayPal payments, money orders and checks. We manufacture our business card slitter machines only from materials and parts from Canada and the USA. You will note several slitter/ cutter machine designs available on our website, but if you can not find “yours”, please contact us for a custom made design. ERSO will be happy to produce specialized cutters / slitters for any size of stock and any size of final product (business card, greeting card, postal cards, etc).

Video Demonstration of Business Card Slitter

Please, see video of one of our slitter


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