Business and greeting (postal) card slitter – 1206 CM

Business and greeting (postal) card slitter 1206 CM

1206 CM is slitter with adjustable blades, three passes and designed for cutting cards of different sizes from 2 “x 3.5” (standard business cards) to postal (greeting cards) 4” x 6’’ (5” x 7”).

To increase production efficiency, this type of slitter has an additional pass
 which allows you to cut the additional size of card without resetting blades.

For example, you need to cut cards in two sizes 2” x 3.5” (business card) and 2.5” x 3.5” (sport cards).
You set cut size 3.5” on the first pass, 2” on the second and 2.5” on the third
 if you need to cut cards in two sizes 4” x 5” and 5” x 7”.
You set cut size 5” on the first pass, 4” on the second and 6” on the third.
In both cases, you do not need to rearrange the blades, but simply select the desired pass.

Fast and reliable.

This type of slitter is Heavy duty and High speed.

1206 CM slitter accommodates letter size 8.5” x 11”, but we also produce this type of machine
 for different paper sizes up to 13” x 19” and any cards size –please contact us for more information.

Additional features include:

1) Perfect cuts and adjustable infeed to accommodate different types of material thickness and width.

2) Cutting blades are semi- self-sharpening  to allow for many years of operation without sharpening or replacement.

3) Updated (significantly), reliable Urethane bottom friction feed, which catch any types of paper.

5) Adjustable paper guides allow for easy set up for customized needs

6) Easy cut glossy paper  12-16 pt.

8) Maintenance kit included.

9) Precisely made (CNC machine) Solid Steel Frame

11) Tolerance for finished business card size is 0.005″

12) Powerful motor 1/10HP .


 1-Year Factory Warranty for any Parts and Labor. 

 NEW: All Life Warranty for Blades!!!!!

 Customer support 24/7

Post warranty service.

 We guaranty 5 +Years post warranty service + we will supply you any parts of slitter you need.

ERSO has, and always will, provide excellent customer support.  If there are any problems with a unit, even after all warranties have expired, we will provide our best instructions on how you can fix it.  If you require any replacement part, we will ship it to you along with instructions on how to complete the repair.

All slitter models are tabletop, which will save you room in a print shop!


Paper cutter/slitter with adjustable blades 1206CM

 Dimensions: 20” x 6” x 15 ¼”

Weight: 50 Lbs

Electrical: 115VAC 50-60HZ   2.5A


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