Business Card/Card Slitter with Adjustable Blades 1204AB-X.

Business Card/Card  Slitter 1204AB-X/Adjustable blades /

Professional Automatic Electric Business Card/card Slitter; model 1204, series AB with adjustable blades

This slitter is used to cut up to 25 different sizes of  cards from stock 8.5” x 11”

The ERSO 1204 AB –X Professional Automatic Electric Business Card / Card Slitter is our new product. This new design of paper cutter machine allows you to set up the distance between blades and cut the desired size cards without touching any measuring tool (tape measure, scale, caliper etc) with tolerance +/- 0.003”

In slitter 1204AB-X you can cut up to  25 different sizes of cards from 1.25” to 5.5” . It takes you around 5- 10 min to change size blade position for your desire card size.

1204AB-X In many cases you do not need to set any distance between blades, but you need set only certain distances between blades ( for instance you are going to cut cards 2 x3.5, 2.5 x3.5 ,3.5 x5 etc.) At this case we produce slitter which allows you to change distance between blades very fast , easy, without fixture and much more accurate (very precisely), but only sizes you required ( not any) . Use this type of slitter if you need to change distance between blades frequently.

Infeed stack allows keeping up to 50 pages #150 and cut with speed up to 350! Business Cards/Cards per minute.

Additional features include:

1) Perfect cuts and adjustable infeed to accommodate different types of material thickness and width.

2) Cutting blades are semi- self-sharpening  to allow for many years of operation without sharpening or replacement.

3) Updated ( significantly ),reliable Urethane bottom friction feed , which catch any types of paper.

4) Adjustable paper guides allow for easy set up for customized needs


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