Business Card Slitter 3006FB Full Bleed 30UP

Full Bleed Business Card Slitter: High Speed, Heavy Duty , Professional, Automatic, Electric Business Card Slitter ERSO 3006 FB,

This slitter is used to cut 30 full color business cards with 1/8″ gutters between each of the cards and accommodates  stock sizes: 13″x 19″


Full Bleed Business Card Slitter
30UP Full Bleed (gutter cutter) Automatic Electric Business Card Slitter- model 3006 series FB.

Model 3006 FB accommodates 13″ x 19″  stock and creates finished product in 2 passes.

Cut 13″ x 19″ sheets into five   strips of 3.5” x 12 “( 3.5″ x 11″) on the first pass with gutter 0.125 -1/8″ ( gap 1/4″-0.25 available) between business cards and finished the job by taking the 6 up sheets and cutting down to 2” x 3.5” cards with gutter 0.125 -1/8″ ( gap 1/4″-0.25 available) between business cards. Infeed stack allows keeping up to 60 pages #150 and cut with speed up to 500! Business Card per minute.

Bleed falls in special bleed tray and you get clear product not mixed with bleed.

For each slitter we enclose an arrangement of cards in sheet.

Additional features include:

1) Perfect cuts and adjustable infeed to accommodate different types of material thickness and width.

2) Cutting blades are semi- self-sharpening  to allow for many years of operation without sharpening or replacement.

3) Updated ( significantly ), reliable Urethane bottom friction feed , which catch any types of paper.

4) Adjustable paper guides allow for easy set up for customized needs

5) Provides very accurate size of Business Card  2″ x 3.5″ with tolerance 0.005”

6)  No curve cards.  Clean cut. Slitter cuts any type and any thickness of paper (even carton), plastic, laminated product, double sheets( glued), UV coated e.t.c.

7) This slitter’s powerful motor allows you to cut hard card stock rapidly and precisely.

8) All bleed  (margin cut off) drop on bleed  tray and finally product is clean.

9) Maintenance kit included.

If you need any addition information regarding the price and shipping options, or you would like to get another size of stock and final product, please feel free to contact us at .

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