Custom Made Card Slitter

What do we mean by the term ‘custom-made’ and ‘custom-made card slitter’? The phrase ‘custom-made product’ refers to a product that deviates from accepted standards in its properties. Often, the production of custom-made products necessitates the use of non-standard machines or systems. In the realm of business cards, there are widely recognized standards, and most manufacturing companies produce slitters that adhere to fixed card sizes based on these generally accepted norms. For instance, common business card dimensions include 2 inches x 3.5 inches or 50mm x 90mm. But if you look around, you’ll notice a vast ocean of non-standard cards—such as sports cards, labels, price tags in stores, postal cards, and greeting cards. And when you’re producing thousands of them, a custom-made slitter becomes essential.

There are two types of custom made slitter :

-with fixed card sizes- this slitter is use to cut only one size of cards;

-slitter with adjustable blades which allows you to cut any card size.

ERSO  produces both types of slitter.

In this video you can watch a demo video of two custom made slitter.

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